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Hello all!  New to the forum and looking forward to learning some new skills and having another place to bounce some questions and ideas. I have been following TWW on Patreon and the Guild Site for a while and decided it was time to jump in and give woodworking it a try. I have always tinkered with things around the house but have never really “built” projects from wood and more just tinkered with the tools. Any tips on good threads to follow on this site?  It is easy for me to get bogged down in information when usually I just need to get up and get started. 

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Welcome to the forums.

There is lots of good information here and people to answer any and all questions.  Being new to the hobby one good section to look through is the Project Journal threads.  There you can see that there are a number of ways to do the same thing depending on the tools you have.  You don't need a full blown shop to build nice things.

The single most important thing you can do is go build something.  Learn from it, also learn from your mistakes... And then go build something else, learn and then build something else, and so on.

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@Woodworking_Hobby, my suggestion is to find a piece of furniture you like, and start building. The Guild has many to pick from, project journals here have great examples, or just pick something from Pinterest. Open a thread to discuss it here, there will be someone with experience in any aspect to help you along.

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Welcome, WH! May we call you WH or the more formal W_H?

@wtnhighlander offered good advice, pick a project and go for it. I would suggest the guild Shaker Table as a great starter project that will teach you several of the fundamentals of making a piece of furniture. It has very solid mortise & tenon joinery that can be cut in a variety of ways. It doesn't require a big investment in materials or tools. You can make it with or without a drawer, depending on how involved you want to get with it.

Whatever you choose, there are lots of folks here willing to help where we can.



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