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On 10/19/2021 at 8:18 AM, Mark J said:

Thanks for the video reference, it explained a lot.  Are you happy with them?  It looks like racking might be an issue when the top is elevated?

Honestly never used it as a bench but we will see once I get the pattern makers vice on there. I will need to back the casters off but think it will be ok after that we shall see, certainly doesn't weigh anywhere near the Roubo.

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Finished up the joinery on the bench tonight, also added the BB till bottom








Next up I'll rout out for the pattern makers vise as that will be easier to do prior to glue up. Then glue up, quick coat of finish, and install the vises.


Anyone have any idea what can go wrong with a switch like this? I have used one very similar on my router table for over a decade this one is not even a year old and stopped working tonight




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Paul, is that a magnetic starter, or just a pair of linked pushbuttons? Each type has a different set of common failure modes, but in any case, replacing it is probably your quickest & simplest solution.

If it is magnetic, there is some chance it contains a resettable or replacable circuit interrupter, like a fuse or thermal overload breaker.

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I can't remember if you mentioned the intended use for the gun stock vise and pattern maker vise. Do you have some projects in mind for these vises in particular or did you just want to add them to have them available?

This reminds me that I really should get around to mounting the twin turbo i bought over a year ago.

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