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On 1/9/2022 at 8:10 PM, gee-dub said:

They are Knape & Vogt Series 182 Heavy Duty Shelf Brackets and Standards.  I have found them at places like Home Depot online and Lee Valley but with the COVID situation I most recently bought from an outfit called Cable Express since they had them in stock, well priced, and cheap to ship.

I had about 16 feet of it with standards screwed to every stud at the last shop.


This was a very dynamic load situation with material going on and off the racks frequently.  When I pulled the rig down to move it was as solid as the day I put it up many years earlier.  The secret to success on these things is to know the ratings, mount per spec, and don't scrimp on the hardware.  Nobody wants to wake up to a loud noise and find who knows what buried under what used to be on the wall :)

They served me so well I redeployed them in one of the buildings on the property and loaded them up for wood storage while the new shop got built.  I had no idea it would be 2 years!?!  When it was time to put horizontal storage in the new shop I went with them again.  I have a similar array to the one you mention on the opposite wall.  Still more on another wall in another area of the shop. 

They are not cheap but they are not high priced for what they are.  HTH.


I used the same system and I am pleased with it. Cost wasn't bad and it can hold a bunch of lumber. Plus, I can rearrange things to suit. @gee-dubis right about not extending down very far. My previous rack was made with 2x4's half-lapped together, but there was a lot of wasted space due to the thickness of the 2x's. This scheme worked better.

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I got this idea from fine woodworking a long time ago. The bracket on the wall is oak the thickness of the pipes. The oak is cut on a slight angle so with a heavy load it deflects to level. The oak is sandwiched by 2 x 4's. The top bolts go through the concrete blocks. The rest are lagged in. I have had all spaces completely loaded. The pipes are 24" plus and I have loaded it slightly beyond the 24 inches. Not as quick and easy as the KV's but it will hold more.507A91E2-C53E-478B-BB6C-D5B79F84F517_1_201_a.thumb.jpeg.74db50881edd5acbdc5b9e1519d1971c.jpeg


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