Ash sofa table

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Interesting I like the table. I assume the old table it's replacing is in the background of the last picture? I like the new version much better. The outlet is a good idea but for some reason outlets facing up make me uncomfortable.

The outlet does have me thinking about child safety with cords in our house. We have cords everywhere and it might be a good idea to mount some power strips to the underside of furniture.

I also find it interesting that you were successful wiping WB poly. I usually brush but usually stop at 2 or 3 coats.

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If you're making another think about putting the outlet on the underside of the table top with a surface mount box.  I think that might improve the table's look even more.  Then run a white cord over to and down one leg.

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Sofa table looks great! Very clean design. 

One thing I would change would be to put the outlet on the back side in the middle where it would be hidden. You could run a white cord under the table, then down the back side of the leg with "Command Strips". all pretty much hidden.

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On 1/15/2023 at 11:21 PM, Meatwad said:

I started this project to replace some sofa tables I had made about 5 years ago out of construction pine when I knew nothing about woodworking. Last year I decided it was time to replace them and so I chose ash with a white stain. The top coat is water polyurethane. I had someone else and how to get rid of moobs wire the junction box for me. And i had a lot of help from everyone here. I plan to do another one again this year.




This is a nice outcome of your work. This thin table is looking nice and unique too.

Did you plan making the same another table? Or not?

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