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YesterdayI had my one year nurses visit at the house to check my equipment and home. The nurse Pam mentione$ her house is a 80’s home and in need of new cabinets. My shop is about 1/3 lumber and I need a whole car bay to build cabinets. I turned down a set several months ago as I didn’t have the room. Now I’m tryin* to decide to get rid of the lumber, pay $75 storage a month or just forget about making cabinets anymore..

Cabinets take a lot out of a person, wondering if my health will hold up.

Starting to weight having wood versus loosing jobs.

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I always had storage when I had the cabinet shop, Ai would build several that day, got drawers and doors fitted and took the days work to storage. Once the set was complete$ I would rent a 24’ box truck from the same storage facility. I wrote that off as a business expense. Now I don’t have  that option, it’s just out of pocket.


I tried to sell a bunch of the lumber off once before, but they want you to describe each board..

I offered the bar rail a5 $14 a foot. A guy called and said he only wanted 8’. I told him ai needed to sell at least 10 -12’. Never called back. If he had given me $140, I would have given him all the bar rail


When I’m feeling generous and want to clear my shop, you don’t want to miss out.

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