Adirondack Chairs and Red Oak: The Saga


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To make a long story short, I've got to make two Adirondack chairs out of Red Oak and have them ready, painted and presented by Christmas.  I've been told by soo many people how bad Red Oak would be for soaking up water and that they'd have to be repainted almost every year, but I have no time to get a more proper species so I'll have to go with what I've got.

I'm writing to ask what I can do to make these chairs weather a little better.  I've been told to coat the bottom of the legs with epoxy and that would help stave off water absorption.  Does anyone have specific advice on how to do this?  I've worked with two part epoxies plenty before now so this isn't totally unfamiliar territory.  I'm assuming thinner epoxy would be better.  The chairs will be sitting on concrete so maybe that'll help.

I've also been told to paint all the parts separately before putting them together, and that this would help with not absorbing water as well.


Any other advice on what I can do to help these chairs weather better?


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On 12/7/2023 at 9:17 AM, legenddc said:

Maybe a HDPE or cutting board plastic material for the bottom.

That is what I do. 1/2" thick. And just big enough to install 2 #6 ss wood screws with a counter sink hole. You want the piece small to avoid capillary action. And the touch points must be on masonry. Including 4 pavers as a possibility. That material will not sand, glue or paint. It will cut, route, and drill. And with proper holes it will accept screws.

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