Wenge Wine Box

Brian VanVreede

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Well, here is the finished product. Its a Piston fit drawer made from Wenge and yellow heart. It was used by friends of mine for their wedding. They placed it in the reception hall so that guests could leave them notes. The box was locked that night with the bottle of wine, 2 glasses, and all of the notes people left for them. They will not open the box until their tenth anniversary!

Funny story is, my brother was the best man and at the end of his "very short" speech to the bride and groom, he spent about 2 minutes talking up my box, explaining to people that I put almost 100 hours of work into it. I was a little embarassed but felt very honered that my brother (who I look up to very much) said the things he did! Anyway.....here are some of the pics. Enjoy!





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Brian, great looking box! This is a fantastic wedding gift idea. My best friend is getting married next year and he and his fiance LOVE wine, so I might have to steal this idea. What are the dividers made from?

Do you like your router plane? I dont have one, but they seem like a very handy tool.

Thanks for the photo journal.

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Thanks everyone! I would also like to thank Finewoodworking.com I could not have completed this job at the caliber in which I did with out the many great articles I used. I probably used over 10 different articles. Everything from how to tune the bandsaw (Michael Fortune) to making a shooting board, to get a super tight fit on all the dividers. If you don't have an online membership with them.....GET ONE!!!

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Thanks Chris! The reason the placement of the pull was so high, was because of the escutcheon. The escutcheon was the "fixed" point on the face of the drawer because of the type of half mortise lock that I purchased. My plan was to have the pull on the same plane as the escutcheon which resulted in the high placement of the pull.

If I lowered the pull off of the same plane as the escutcheon do you think it would have looked awkward?

But I do agree with you, my original plan was to have everything centered. I was just forced to adapt to the mistake I made in my original purchase of the lock.

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