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  • purpleheart star
    purpleheart star
    Pretty cool! Thanks
  • purpleheart star
    purpleheart star
    Glue up a small part in center (the purpleheart trapezoid with maple glued on each end), resaw and flip. Do that again w/ the other piece (the triangle at the top of the star), resaw and flip. Then...
  • purpleheart star
    purpleheart star
    That is a really great looking piece. It's probably obvious to a turner, but I'd like to know how you did that
  • IMG 3886
    IMG 3886
    WOW! beautiful work.  You are indeed a craftsman.
  • Curved bookcase
    Curved bookcase
    Steve, Just seeing the finished product for the first time. Beautiful job! I would have been scared s#*tless working in that room, afraid I would have broken something!

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