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I have already looked at Bell Forest on some other projects, but I hadn't considered buying several short 4/4 pieces of exotics and resawing for my 1/8" stock.

I have access to a few domestic hardwoods like walnut, cherry, maple and some mahogany (which I don't know the origin, i didn't think we had mahogany in the States).

I resawed a few boards a couple of days ago and I can get two 1/8" "planks" out of 1" S2S material.

My bandsaw doesn't run true enough (without drift) whereby I can get three 1/8" pieces out of the stock.

Incidentally...Running a piece down to 1/8" through the planer has a high pucker factor and I've had a few ends blow out with loud effects (it was the walnut and fortunately no injuries).


I will certainly run the math and see if it would be more economical to go with Bell Forest.

In any case I appreciate the suggestion.


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You haven't played cup and ball, until you played the Festool CB-5 cup and ball $595 (Ball and sustainer sold separately)

Kind of feel like a jerk now, looking back at my post.  Sorry, Mark.   The one and only Festool I can't ever see myself buying is a drill.  Just can't make that leap.  There are so many perfectly ad

Lowest AZ price ever after clipping coupon.  Just bought a pair myself.               Als

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Yes...I have seen that expressed in many places.

Nonetheless, I tune it to my heart's content and I still get drift.

I really appreciate Marc's videos.

I'm sure it's me, or the machine.

I just don't seem to be able to get it right like people say is possible.

It's the same for free-hand sharpening...or setting the knives on my planer...or any number of tasks (like sawing a straight line).

I can never seem to get the precision which appears to be easy on YouTube.


For me, there are many things in woodworking like this.

Have you ever noticed that Tommy Mac says this should be square and when he measures it it's always square?

That isn't helpful.

I don't ever see what I'm supposed to do when it isn't square (which is all the time for me).


And I don't have Eli to straighten it out! :lol:


I know that this is part of the journey.

I assume that if I had better equipment I could get better accuracy, but I settle for what I can get.


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Eric either you got a bad set or I don't like music as loud as you.  I used mine yesterday and it was more than loud enough and in fact I turned it down.  I'd send yours back and get another set just to be sure.


P.S. Love the new avatar...

The set I got wasn't terribly loud either, but the volume is sufficient that you won't hear anything over the music.

I am a big fan. My first shop listen was Nick Offerman's Paddle Your Own Canoe.

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I would check out the Narex chisels that Lee Valley sells. I have a couple of their mortise chisels and like them. Plus right now they have free shipping!

The ryobi tek ear muff are actually surprising in their quality

My dad wears them 40 + hours a week he had ear surgery and the noise canceling is a huge plus. He also has a transmitter from his ipod . He has two pairs he's used this much for over 3 years without issues .

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This seems like a deal to me... Home Depot has a 4-pack of Bessey F-style clamps for under $20. It's two 6in and two 12in. Seems like more small clamps are always handy. I had to grab a couple packs even though I'm normally Jorgensen for clamps.

This might be just in my warehouse but when I scanned the 4 pack it actually rang up at 13.32 .... so I ended up getting a few more what a deal!

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Peachtree has a couple of veneer assortment packs.


Thanks for pointing this out.

I did indeed order one of those variety packs off of Amazon.

Despite some of the reviews, I am very well satisfied with it.

The pack had something like 30 different small pieces of veneer with only a few cracks and most of it was amazingly flat.

Overall I would say the variety pack is a nice option to get an interesting batch of practice veneers.


Currently I have several "cartoons" I'm working on developing into veneer and inlay projects.

I will post some photos (if I end up making something presentable).



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I think there's a bump on the end that prevent them from separating? I'd have to check when I get home.

If not, I'd think you'd still have to hold your hand under the table while securing it...which is a pain.

I bought a few of these Bessey's and still haven't found one good use for them.

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I have 2 of those Festool MFT ratcheting quick clamps. Never used em' as my bench is too thick for them.

$50+shipping for the pair if anybody wants em'. I think they're $38 new?

I'll take them. Where in Atlanta are you?

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