Rendering of a cutting board


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Let me start with this is not in Sketchup, but it is in the program that I use to draw my stuff. If it needs to move that is ok.


So while looking at Tiods cutting boards it gave me the idea to see if I could model one in Solidworks and render it to see if I could get a good idea of how different woods would look together without having to grab some wood. It only take a couple of minutes to change everything.


After doing this I am planning to model the humidor that I am making the main body is going to Walnut but I am not sure what I am going to make the accents on the corners.


What does everybody think?


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This isn't a real picture. I use Solidworks (3d design program) for my job so I quick modeled a cutting board and then rendered the model to make it look real to get an idea of what it will look like. I try to do this with most of my projects to get idea if the woods will look go together. I have also done it for other people that I know, it really helps to get idea before spending the money.

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==>This isn't a real picture.

Yea, I got that...  Was refering to the camera, projection and perspective settings used for the render...


It's been many many years since I last played with SW and/or AC, so can't remember which setting does what. I believe you can also render textures imported from a wood species library -- but that functionality is way after my time... Every once in a while I'll stop in to see what the Engineers are up to (and make a general nuisance of myself)... We do a lot of injection molding, so SW is the preferred design tool... The MFG Eng and Tech Transfer groups use AC -- we have to keep the two groups in separate areas to prevent dogmatic software wars --- the Accountants act as a DMZ... :)

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You are correct I had perspective turned off. When I do my modeling I don't use it because while working in the model it can make certain things look a little funny. I just didn't remember to turn it back on when doing to rendering, it was a quick five minute rendering. Yeah I use Solidworks when I am design the machines but then use AutoCAD when I do the P&ID.

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