Triton router - bits slip our while routing

Ronn W

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Just wondering if anyone has had a similar problem and what you might have done to fix it...... I have a Triton TRA001 Router.  Most or all of my bits with 1/4" shafts tend to creep out of the router (cut deeper) while routing.  No amount of tightening seems to solve the problem.  I have used the original 1/4" collet that came with the unit, a second collet made for the Triton and a third party collet form woodcraft.  No difference.  I have cleaned all the dust out of the collets.  No help.   When I remove the 1/4" collet to use bits with a 1/2" shaft everything is fine.  I heard that there should be some type of rubber washer or bushing inside or under the 1/2" collet and my unit does not have that piece and it does not show up in the exploded view of the unit. I can't imagine what help that bushing would be.  I found a repair shop that will send me a new 1/2" and 1/4" collet to try.  But in the meantime, does anyone have any ideas???


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I read about that problem before I bought mine. I can't recall if anyone found a solution for it but it was mentioned more than once. If it's new, see about getting it replaced. They should know about the problem. Their support used to be terrible I guess but it's improved so hopefully this would solve your problem. Mine hasn't had this issue, fortunately.

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Inspect the shank of the bit for resin or scratches going around the shank. Never install a bit too deeply, where it could touch the bottom.  Also don't let the curve at the top of the shank get too close the the collet either. Vibrations with either situation lead to a loose bit.

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That could be it.  That's the reason for the rubber bushing or washer that I mentioned in my original post.  As the collet is tightened that bit is squeezed and push downward.  It appears that it has to be free to move down just a tad

I will try a space ball...


Thanks, woodbutcher and wdwerker.

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I have owned dozens of routers and the Triton (TRA001) is the only one that has had problems with the bits creeping.  It doesn't matter if you clean the bit and collet.  The 1/4" was the worst but the 1/2" would do it as well.  We would tighten the nut as tight as possible and it would still creep.  There has to be a design flaw that can't be overcome.  It's too bad because we built a router table specifically for the Triton.

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20 hours ago, Beechwood Chip said:

I've had similar problems with my Triton.  I've found that it helps to clean the collet and bit with alcohol / mineral spirits / naphtha immediately before using.

Are you bottoming out your bits?

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