Drill Press Depth Stop and Bandsaw Template Jig


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I had to puzzle over the band saw jig for a few minutes but I get it.  I assume double side tape or your other favorited mothod of hold ing the owrk piece ot the template.  I would be interested in a verson that clamps to my factory fence.  It's on my list of "between project" projects.  Thanks for sharing.

Good depth stop for the drill press.  My Rikon came with a similar stop and I just love it.

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58 minutes ago, TeeJay said:

Do you know how those built in depth stops within the handle assembly work? I can't find any information and wondered if it would be possible to introduce that as a retrofit and alternative to an external depth stop.

 I can only say that this is the type that originally came on my drill press. That is why I built the external one because the  original is so clumsy to work with. :)

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11 hours ago, higtron said:

Confession time, I had my Delta standing drill press for years and always cussed the depth stop having to screw and unscrew the depth stop, then one day I was cleaning the damn thing and accidentally pushed in the magic button on the nut boy did I feel like a dumb ass!


I might have had many, many similar experiences, but I will never admit it. B)

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Did you have any concerns about drilling the holes for the screws that attach the bracket to the side of the quill housing? I've not seen inside the housing so I worry that metal shavings could eventually damage the quill if I drill through it. Or is the metal of the housing thick enough that the holes don't need to go all the way through?

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@Jon R - The quill and associated mechanism on this drill press are a lot like the straight 6 in my old 1955 Chevy pickup; lots of room :).  The holes go all the way through as I did not have any bottoming taps.  Removing the depth mechanism is very basic on this machine and that gave me plenty of visibility and clean out access to assure nothing got left behind.

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