Anyone know about this model?

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I don't have any specific experience with Delta lathes, so no idea if the price is good.  But a couple of comments; most you probably know.

It's a Reeves drive which is not necessarily bad (Powermatic uses it on its drill press), but you need to check it out.

What is the speed range?

I didn't see a banjo or tool rest in the pictures, but you want to make sure they're included. 

What size post on the tool rest?  You can get various sizes, but one inch is kinda standard.  MT sizes? MT2 is kinda standard.

This model has a rotating headstock.  This is a valuable feature, but also introduces some possible errors.  Check that the headstock is secure when locked and that it is perfectly aligned with the tailstock.  Then rotate the headstock out, check the security, return to neutral and re-check alignment with head stock.  

Check all the other clamp and lock mechanisms, etc. Bed flat and straight? 

That's what I can think of with one cup of coffee.

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I wasn't thinking about getting it.  I had just never seen one.  If the Reeves drive works, it would probably be a good buy, for someone.   I have an older Delta, that you change belts on.  I get by with that one for no more turning than I do.

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