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Any suggestions on a decently priced/sized bandsaw with a deep throat? I don’t really need the cutting depth to be tall but I do tend to need to cut really wide thin pieces which I usually end up using a jig saw for but that’s slow. Dont want to spend a fortune but I do cut curves of plywood frequently 


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3 minutes ago, Don Z. said:

Actually, the "easiest" thing to do... and probably the least expensive is to find an old Inca 710.



That was going to be my suggestion! I picked this one up about 6 years ago for $600 and spent another $100 or so on new guide bearings and cleanup. 

Definitely one of my favorite tools!



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those Inca's are pretty cool! couldn't find any on craigslist in my state but did find an ACE 18" 3 wheel bandsaw with 1/2 horsepower 110 single phase motor for $400, wonder if this is any good?

I only have a small table top bandsaw right now might be worth just upgrading to a full size 2 wheel 16" laguna or something 





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1 hour ago, wtnhighlander said:

My experience is rather limited, but it does support the reports I've heard from several others. Three-wheel bandsaws are a royal pain to keep aligned and tracking properly. The smaller radius wheels cause the blade to flex more and cause fatigue breakage.

I think that that is sometimes true. My experience is limited to the Inca 710 three wheel, as i've never owned any other 3 wheel. I've heard this knock on 3 wheels for as long as I've been using bandsaws. Having said that, I was an Inca dealer (Garrett Wade) back in the 80s and sold many, many of these saws. I rarely had to spend much, if any more time setting them up or tweaking them than I did with say a Rockwell/Delta, General, Powermatic, SCMI or any of the other brands I sold. I jumped on this used one when I saw it CL.

As for blade fatigue, on larger, thicker blades that is true. On the smaller blades like the ones the OP sounds like he'll be using, no. Since I got the SCM S500P for resawing about this time last year, my Inca has been running the same ¼" blade, under tension and it's cut many, many feet of material. I never have had to adjust the tracking since I put it on. I see no reason to think it won't last me another year. Still cuts like new.

Knowing what I know about this particular three wheel bandsaw I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to anyone. 


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46 minutes ago, treesner said:

what state is that in? I'm not able to sign in

Looks like Colorado. His previous post is below. He lowered the price from $1200.

You have to join the forum to post or purchase.

There was another one last week in Scottsdale.



Screen Shot 2020-08-25 at 5.06.18 PM.jpg

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