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12 hours ago, wtnhighlander said:

When you need to turn out a lot of furniture, boring grain is a blessing. Mahogany is predictable to work with, carves well in detail, is durable, and grows in big trees with lots of clear lumber. A dream for mass production. While figure is uncommon, when it occurs it can be amazing.

David Marks built this Egyptian inspired table, using a piece of 'The Tree', a famously quilted mahogany much desired by instrument makers. When I looked it up after seeing that episode, slices from 'The Tree' were selling for upwards of $1500 per board foot.

Stewart Macdonald is selling acoustic guitar panels that are supposedly from 'The Tree' for $6000.


That figured wood is awesome looking but that price is stupid. Let the instrument makers fight over it.

It seems like it's "greatness" is all in the eyes of the maker but doesn't really explain why it has such a connotation for elite high end luxury from a consumer sense. I suppose it being the sought after wood for uber yachts is it. If it's a big tree and makes mass production easy wouldn't that devalue it in a luxury sense? I guess it's maybe just a luxury now because it's rare now? I don't know something about the wood just doesn't compute for me.

2 minutes ago, Mark J said:

Could you explain the term or is that a typo?

Probably is intended to be Mahogany or Sapele. I'm not going to lie, I still don't really comprehend the statement. It seems like it's assuming i want to be in Florida? I know people love Florida but I'm not really a fan of the state. I don't like humidity and heat. I really like lakes over oceans. I'm right where I should be.

That said i can get more on board with the ribbon stripe sapele. That brings an awesome added dimension to a project. The color overall is a bit red for my taste but I could see using it on a small project here or there. There are even some of the African Mahoganies that are very pretty that have less red and more brown. I have some in my lumber shed I've been meaning to use for something.

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1 hour ago, Chestnut said:

t seems like it's assuming i want to be in Florida?

You are welcome but that was not an invitation. In Florida is a very caustic environment. Mold and mildew start the rotting process. I don't know why, but mahogany and sapele are very resistant to the environment. Not as many  choices of wood for an outdoor project. Mahogany or sapele is number one on my list for value and appearance and will tolerate the environment. And also there is cedar, and cypress which is milled 100 miles north of me. Teak is beyond ridiculous in price. and hard on your tools. There are a lot of other species of wood that is durable outside away from mold and mildew that is durable. Not here. Properly finished.

My front door was QS white oak. Researched and bought the best spar varnish. Mold and mildew got under the finish. In 2 years the door looked black. I stripped the door to bare wood and added mold and mildew killer. Followed directions. 2 years later mold and mildew under the finish. 4 years ago I built a ribboned grained sapele door. Still good. No mold or mildew. 


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15 hours ago, wtnhighlander said:

Those look great, Drew! Good save on the mis-measure width.

I have to give credit to Gee-Dub. I remembered his posts about gluing 1/16" thick material on QS oak or sepele on table legs to get the QS look on all faces. I figured if that thin of material will disappear on a table leg it should disappear on the edge of a door.

13 hours ago, Chet said:

Wear a ball cap, the visor will keep your eyes looking down toward the task.

The trouble here is the folding table top is full of figure as well.

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