M7 Side Four Glamor Shot

joe mendel

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On 1/30/2022 at 4:25 PM, JohnG said:

I’m enjoying seeing the progression of this, but I sure do wish they were all in one thread. I went back to find a previous pic but after looking at a few different threads I gave up.

I thought having one long thread would be even harder to follow.   Each of these post each contain ten to 24 photos.   I am surprised that I have not exceeded some quota.  This is a hard project to describe, photograph, and to explain.  I am trying to pass along some [hopefully] useful information which some else could use to inspire themselves, and possibly find a way to use some of my methodology in one of their creations.

I hope that I am be useful and not overwhelming the forum.  I would be willing to answer any questions you, or anyone, may have in regards to any aspect of the construction of this or any of my past posts.


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Joe It's your thread do what you want brother. I'm enjoying the hell out of this clock of all clock threads that I have looked at. There was a guy in Newport  Oregon I was driving down the coast from Washington state and in this little artist community in Newport this one shop had all these wooden clocks some of them were all wooden gears that made up the structure of the clocks. Some had ball bearings that traveled through chutes, dropping through holes. I was fascinated with this gentleman's work and spent a couple hours just ogling this guys work he came over and talked to me about some of his pieces and was a very interesting guy, and quite entertaining. Your work would put this guys work to shame! I for one can hardly wait to see more from you at whatever pace you choose. Thank you for sharing.

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I was once told that when weaving a blanket the Navajo Indians believed that the soul of the craftsman was woven into the fabric, and if a perfect creation was produced, it would remain trapped there forever ... so a small imperfection was deliberately included to let the soul escape ...

Joe, your soul is certainly captured right into the fabric of this piece ... please tell us that you're hiding from us even the tiniest imperfection in it somewhere.

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