Oak Slab Bench Build

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On 8/6/2023 at 12:29 PM, pkinneb said:

Tape up the bottom and edges then mix your epoxy according to the instructions but to the extent you can you will want a thin mix so it goes all the way in / through. I would use a little TransTint in it as well, probably black. 


On 8/7/2023 at 11:30 AM, Chestnut said:

Epoxy is a suitable way to stabilize. If you are going to fill them with epoxy skip the CA glue.

If you have a slow setting epoxy like west system of total boat etc they mix rather thin and will fill those cracks pretty easily. Don't use 5min stuff from a home store as that's thick and won't get down in the cracks. If you stabilize large cracks like that with CA glue it's going to be rather expensive. Couple example products. https://www.rockler.com/zap-30-minute-z-poxy-8-oz


I bought in a gallon kit of west system wtih 207 clear hardener maybe 10 years ago and still have over half the kit left. I've filled countless knows cracks etc with great results. It works out to about $1.50 per pump mix. A similar volume from a 5 min kit is roughly $12. So expensive up front but pays for it's self in the long run if you plan on using it. West marine is cheaper for west system, system three, total boat, and other epoxies like this as they are used heavily in the boat industry.

Another benefit to epoxy is using it as an adhesive, GASP! It works great and allows for long open times and with some mineral fillers can gap fill and has the potential to be stronger than PVA glue in some applications. I've used the above mentioned west system kit for multiple complicated glue ups that would have not be possible with PVA glue. #makeepoxyglueagain



On 8/7/2023 at 6:11 PM, wtnhighlander said:

If the wood dries enough to crack more, it will probably crack somewhere other than at the epoxy. In which case, it won't matter.


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You can use the same epoxy to stabilize/fill both the knot(s) and cracks at the same time. Brown Trans Tint works nice with oak. I use Total Boat epoxy, and have great luck with it. Medium hardener.

Keep a handheld butane torch handy to pop any bubbles that appear, and help the epoxy flow deep into the cracks. As the epoxy flows deep into the cracks and knot, you will have to keep adding more. Have to just rotate the fills, and keep coming back and fill more.

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On 9/11/2023 at 4:28 PM, BillyJack said:

Grand daughter said so she was chilly after getting off the school bus, Hot chocolate and marshmallows was my pressing project of the day

Good man!

My mother in law passed and was cremated. I need to come up with something a little more dignified than a cardboard box for her ashes. 

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