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"I use hand tools because it's cheaper than big machines." -- No One In This Thread

A little LV tossed in but, mostly LN  

I forgot about this thread

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BTW: FL, is that the scrub plane? What on earth do you use that on?

It is! I use it how they're intended :) Reducing the width of a board quickly! :)

I've probably used it a handful of times since I've owned it. Not something that gets a lot of use, but it sure is nice when needed!

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I'm thinking of getting the rabbet block and low-angle jack as my first LN porn purchases.

I strongly recommend the skew rabbet plane. All of the advantages of the standard rabbet, but it has a skewed blade and an adjustable fence for plowing rabbets or chamfers.

And the low angle Jack is a great tool. Can't go wrong :)

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I don't know.  Why not?  I guess it never really crossed my mind since I have no use for it.  But assuming you can get a toothed blade for it, I don't see how it's any less versatile than a 62.  Maybe someone more Neanderthal than me knows of a reason.

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My first ever LN purchases arrived.  A LA jack and rabbeting block plane. I'm drooling:




Tell ya what - literally everything about these tools absolutely screams quality.  Both the tools themselves and they way they are packed.  I did get a kick out of the fact that they used the weekend circulars to provide some padding in the exterior box:




It made me picture a single person inspecting and packing up my planes on his kitchen counter.  Romantic, I know.  


Can't wait to get started using these.  

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Very nice! Is that blade on the right normal or the scraper?


It's normal - I went with a toothed blade and another normal one which I will make into a high angle one for working on figured woods.  I thought about getting the scraper as well but I already have a veritas cabinet scraper that I use all the time and I just couldn't justify another 50 bucks for a scraper blade that I probably wouldn't end up using that much.


While we're here - question for you guys.  These are my first "premium" hand planes, and I'm not sure exactly what to do with the blades out of the box.  What do most people do? Just hone the bevel at 8000, put a micro bevel on it, and be done with it?  Do you bother lapping the back?  I read Chris Schwarz's blog post and watched his video about it, and he made a whole point about how he doesn't do much to a premium plane...and then he goes ahead and does more than I would expect.


Just wondering what you all typically do to premium plane irons "out of the box" (this is assuming that you're not changing the bevel angle from the factory 25*).  Sorry to hijack - if the mods want to move this question to a separate thread, feel free.

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