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37 minutes ago, swiftyfrommi said:

Us a jigsaw and a high tooth count blade. Good side down.

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And breathing protection.  

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I use the Freud Pergo Blade.  It's pricey but lasts waayyyyy longer.    Just did a whole house with it and it's still a brand new blade. Easily would have killed a blade or two of the cheap ones.  You'd need to do more than just one flooring job to get the $'s worth compared to a couple cheap blades though. The very first time I installed a laminate floor I had a nice finish blade in the saw. Killed that really quickly. :/    Bosch Jigsaw blades seem to hold up ok too.  I like the reverse cut blades. I can mark my notches etc. on the top and cut without tear out.    Long rips I actually do with my 18v Saw and a decent blade. They're not too pricey and I don't really care if there is some chipping on the floor because it gets covered with baseboard anyway.  

The dust is nasty though!  So protect yourself from that.

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I used a combination of table saw and sliding miter saw for the laminate I installed last year.  I bought a cheap blade for the miter saw, and used the factory Delta blade that came on my table saw when new.  Good use for a blade that I had replaced almost immediately after buying the table saw, and was just sitting around looking for a purpose.  It really dulled the blades, which was expected. 

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