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14 minutes ago, legenddc said:

Your dust collector has gone up from $2600 to $4000.

:o I recently checked my main tools and was astonished at the price increases but this is nearly a 100% increase in 5 years. That shocks me a bit.

To be fair to Oneida my unit was one of the last of it's kind. The new units are 3 phase motors with VFDs that vary the impeller RPM based off static pressure load and objectively perform MUCH better than my unit does. That alone was a $500-$600 upgrade at the time I purchased.


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9 minutes ago, legenddc said:

The new ones may have the varying impeller RPM but they still make a single phase motor for it. That's the $3,999 one. I know we're in strange times but the pricing on tools seems to be crazy. If you pull out an old tool catalog or woodworking magazine it makes you want to cry.

The unit runs off single phase yes but there is an onboard VFD that controls the 3 phase motor. Single phase induction motors can't have varying rpms. ... it's complicated and probably not relevant....

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