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28 minutes ago, K Cooper said:

I zoomed in (well you know, I had too) and darn clean looking mortises! And not to chase a compliment with a comment but yeah, I would have shortened the tenons and rounded them over like the top of the sides. 

I'm with Coop on this one...but like you said easy fix later if you choose too.

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This looks great! Thanks for sharing.

Quick question here. The shelves have dados and through tenons. Is it common to for a shelf (or any crosspiece for that matter) to have both? I'm not questioning what you did here as a critique, I am just still super new to woodworking and would just like to know best practices.

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I've been biting my tongue on this one, but here goes. You didn't ask for critique, but I'me gonna offer some anyway.

The piece has a nice look with the paint & clear finishes, but the wedges & tenons are way out of proportion to the rest of it. They are just, no other way to put it, but huge! If you cut at least half the length of both it would be a big improvement & would literally take less than 1/2 hour. Rounding the tenons as @gee-dub suggests is a good idea, but would take time you don't want to take. And that's fair.

Please don't take this as a put down, just trying to help out & hope that you, or others would do the same for me.

Edit: I just had a look at Anne's version. Notice how her tenons are more in scale with the shelf she made? Her tenons are also a lot narrower, but that isn't something you can change at this point.

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