3 ton Harbor Freight floor jack

Tom King

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It might seem strange to have a review of a floor jack on a woodworking forums, but I have used them for moving machines more than a few times.

I bought a 40' shipping container recently, and just put it on wooden blocks temporarily.  We put it on solid concrete blocks for a more permanent foundation.  When we started leveling it, we used the 3 ton floor jack, that I already had, and a bottle jack.  It was too scary with the bottle jack, so I went to Harbor Freight, and bought another floor jack, so we could safely jack up one side, or one end without being in harms way.

I was surprised at the quality of this jack.  I had looked at CL, to see what was available, and there was a SnapOn listed for $400.  That SnapOn looks identical to this particular model from Harbor Freight-not close, but absolutely identical.

It's also currently on sale for $99.99.   I actually bought it a couple of days ago for 129.99, but the salesman told me to bring the invoice back for a price adjustment.  I haven't gotten around to it, but will.

This thing surprised me, and it operates much better than my old one.  I'm sure it will be the first one reached for when we need one.  They come in a bunch of different colors.  I'm not sure how long the sale lasts, or what coupons might apply.


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It's well packed.  I suggest to put blue Locktite on the two bolts that go in the handle, when you put it together.  I lost one of those before on my other jack.

My tire guy uses four of them for each car.  I remembered seeing them the last time I bought tires, and thought that his jacks were probably expensive ones, but after seeing these, I his were Daytona's too.

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Harbor Freight has good jacks. I've used one of their 1.5 Ton low profile jacks for many years now. Non of my vehicles weight enough to even get close to maxing out the jack. I also appreciated the low profile part as my car doesn't have much space underneath. The other part about the one I use that I like is that it weighs 33 lbs so i can easily toss it in my pickup and take it with me.

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