Bosch GET75-6N 6" ROS

Tom King

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I bought this a while back, and just used it for the first time today.  It's Awesome!

I bought some Mirka Abranet sanding screens for it when I ordered it.  Just hooked up to a ShopVac, the dust collection really surprised, and impressed me. It's twice as fast, and leaves a smoother surface than the 5" one hand ROS's.

I don't do much sanding, but feel really glad that I bought this.  Originally, I bought it in anticipation of sanding the painted fascia's on a lakehouse we bought a while back to rent out, but weather hasn't been suitable to work outside yet.  It just came out of the box for the first time today.

It was one of my Black Friday purchases, so not quite as bad as this:"+random+orbit+sander&qid=1579899169&sr=8-1


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Here's the sandpaper I bought for it.  I used the supplied air hood, since I was sanding down a painted door jamb, that had been painted before 1970.  We reversed the direction of swing, so I needed to get rid of the paint ridges where the old stop was.  It took less than a minute, and took most of the surface of the foot wide jamb down to bare wood in a number of places.  Mike was watching from a distance, and said no dust was in the air, and nothing was settled anywhere in the room.

I have used belt sanders, back in their day.  This thing removes almost as fast as a belt sander, but leaves a smooth, finished surface in the process.

Seems like I heard somewhere that Bosch makes the same sander as one of the Festools.  This may be it.  Vibration was very low.

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