Garden gate and fence

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46 minutes ago, RichardA said:

    I don't see a latch on the gate, do you have plans for one?

I wanted a cleaner look on the outside so I put the latch inside.  The right gate bolts down and the left gate latches to the right.  So you can just open the left and still have the right locked down. 

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Thanks for comments. Besides the mortise in the curved part of the gate it was a pretty straightforward a s easy project.  All but the aforementioned joint was done with a domino. Redwood very easy to work with but also super soft and dents real easy. I dropped one of the gates during install and there’s now a small dent. I choose to call it character lol. 

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12 hours ago, Coop said:

Is that the original color of the bleachers, ie., did you sand or plane the boards? Did you put any kind of finish on it? 

I just put 2 coats of stain on it.  What ever home depot had.  I think from behr.  It was their lightest redwood stain option.  The bleachers originally had a much thicker stain plus a film finish.  I scraped off the some of the really thick parts and the gum.  Lots and lots of gum :)  Then ran it on my portable planer.  I'm very glad I decided to keep it even after I upgraded to a floor model.  I would have been scared of damaging the floor model planer.  Surprisingly I found all the wood to be heartwood.  Which is great because if I bought a board that large new it would be easily be $50+.  Really kicking myself for not getting more.  The raw wood is more of a lighter pink color but just like any wood if you splash it with water it brightens up.   I'll see if I can find the pic of wood after I planed it.

I made a set of planter boxes in the past with it and used epiphanes.  Looked great initially but after a year and half or so in socal sun the film started to flake.  I'll probably sand and refinish it eventually.  I did not want to have to sand and refinish around 50 picket fence pieces so I decided to go with the stain.

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