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Stile and rails would be about 1” with beaded profile. Glass shelves for light pass thru.. I may try and power the unit for a light. 

I put these in a builders houses for years, but he had 2” stiles and rails and I thought it took away from the visual of what was inside. Stained oak kinda dulled it as well…


my brother sent me things from Korea, Japan, Philippines, etc I want to store. Plus other stuff..


Hope the paint is dry. It’s been  10+ years:wacko:

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On 11/12/2022 at 8:01 PM, Ronn W said:

IF you in tend to light the inside then definetly all glass.  Ihave a tall cabinet for wine glasses with all glass and the light bounces all around.  beautiful.

Thx… I have a bar with leaded glass with glass shelves and wood/glass doors.

with Mullins in the door you have to center pieces and shelves to match. Kinda limits the view…

I think it may be on of the times ill have to actually draw out a glass door, etc and see how much space I’m loosing…


opening is 31.5x45”….

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I agree that the design is very classical. Frameless glass is more modern. I think that narrow beaded painted doors with glass panels would be more appropriate for the existing design. However, from experience, be careful to not make the frames too thin. Remember that glass is pretty heavy and I had some thin framed glass doors rack (flex) due to the weight. I ended up having to set the glass in silacone in order the get some rigidity.

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