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    • Finishing continues to be my bane. Not happy with the water-based poly - I'm seeing too many brush strokes. I picked up some wipe-on semi gloss, and also rattle cans of poly and clear shellac.  Playing with the rattle cans seems promising.  We're off to the west coast Tuesday for a vacation, so I'm going to set this aside, get the shop cleaned up tomorrow, and reassess when I get back.
    • This step is really easy. The shellac dries to sanding level in about 30 minutes. These parts really soaked it up so I sanded them to 400 and gave them a second coat. While I was waiting I gathered up some more scrap to make the insert trays out of. As stated, if you've seen other scrap box threads of mine . . . there is nothing new here . I clamp a straight edge to a protected glue surface. I put a bit of packing tape at each miter and use the straight edge to align things. This method assumes you milled your stock straight and true and cut your miters perpendicular to the long edges and parallel to each other. I have a lot of these. I can remember groaning at spending $30 on the first one I bought oh-so-many years ago. I then got clever and asked for them for Christmas and Birthdays . . . I apply a bit of silicone rubber to each slot. This takes hours to set and allows plenty of time to make sure the floating panels are right where you want them. When you come back tomorrow they will be fixed and the silicone cures into custom space-balls. Glue is applied to the miters and you roll the box up. Dial in the floating panel position and . . . . . . apply the clamps. Just because I am a belt and suspenders kinda guy I set the clamped assembly on a known flat surface and apply some weight. No one wants a box that teeter-totters. These will set in the clamps for about an hour. I will then carefully take the clamps off and use them on the next set of boxes . . . rinse and repeat.
    • @wtnhighlander - I farm them out.  I couldn't use enough of them over the rest of my life to pay for what it takes to make them .  They are unfinished cherry.  I write the year on them with an indelible fine point marker and apply them prior to any finishing.  Once the finishing protocol is done they are pretty well built into the piece to which they are attached.  We have folks on here who do laser stuff.  You could give them some business and it would be a win-win.
    • I need to watch watch for a local sale like that. I'd love to replace my saw's iron grid wings with solid ones. That looks awesome!
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