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    • Really liking this build, Dave!
    • Somewhere in this thread I remember someone saying that no one would climb cut with a circular saw.   I remembered a set of housed stringers I made sometime in the 1970's, and that I had some pictures in a stack of 35mm pictures.  Here is a picture of one of the stringers.  Both stringers, and two beams were saw out of a 12 x 12 Heart Pine beam with a 16-5/16" Makita circular saw.  The stringers were planed in a 16" green with white racing stripes Powermatic planer.  This picture shows how I had to space the housings so a bad place in the beam would be hidden.   I don't have any other pictures of these stringers, or stairs.  The ledger is to hold the treads, which were hinged to offer extra storage (reason the treads weren't housed).  The treads seen in the picture were just temporary.  The bottom of that staircase was closed in with tongue and groove Pine boards. It was in a house I built, and sold sometime back then.  The house was a really nice little house, sitting on a really nice lake lot.   Sometime in the early 2000's, the third or fourth owner burned it down to build a giant McMansion on the nice lot. I used a Rockwell 8-1/4" Speedmatic circular saw.   That particular saw didn't have any shoe on the right side of the blade, so there was a clear view of that whole side of the blade.  That was during the time when Rockwell had bought out Porter Cable, and what would be a Porter Cable saw had the Rockwell name on them. I wanted to get those stringers up that day, didn't have a shop then, and the only blade I had for that saw did not leave a clean cut edge with a push cut.   Long story short, every edge of every riser housing was cut by climb cutting with that saw.  The housings needed to stop barely short of coming out the top of the stringer, because those surfaces would show. Anyone who says that pull cutting is uncontrollable, and leaves a rough cut because of it, doesn't know what the hell they're talking about.   I'm not saying that it doesn't require skill, but it's not an absolute statement.
    • Been down that road a time or twelve.  Some times I need a lumber yard thats open 24 hours a day.
    • Hello. I just upgraded the fence on my Craftsman 113 table saw to the Delta T3. I managed to get it installed and aligned properly however I am having an issue with the fence itself not staying clamped. I have tried it with the adjusting screws loosened and tightened. It almost seems like the handle is not allowing the cam to swing down far enough. When I try to clamp the fence in place it holds for a couple seconds and then the handles slowly starts release until pops up. Anyone familiar with this issue?
    • Drought (rare) kills roads here. Many of our local soil types require some moisture for cohesion and stability. Too dry and the roads settle through the substrate. 
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