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Does it?  I always felt like it was a mouthful.  And of course I've endured a lifetime of douche jokes. LOL

Love the fact that you're sticking to your guns Mel and building the bench you want to have.  Even tho we don't agree on a couple features, I applaud the fact that doesn't sway your decision.   Opin

I'll be buried with my Gramercys.

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Yes, "Dutch" is a corruption of the word Deutsch which described the Germans who settled in Pennsylvania, as in sprechen sie deutsch?


They were not from the Netherlands.


I didn't know that...nice factoid.  I always assumed Pennsylvania Dutch meant they were Dutch people who settled in Pennsylvania.  I guess that's something I should have known, given my last name is Deutsch. :)   And no I can't sprechen sie Deutsch...I'm Amurikin.  :lol:   Thanks for the history lesson!

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I might just add one.  And maybe a high Janka dog strip while I'm at it!


Yeah dude. Live the dream! 


A wooden hand screw can also turn a kitchen counter into a decent workbench... :D...


A photo from about 4 or so years ago when I was first learning to cut dovetails...before I had a dedicated workbench. It has drawers so I guess that makes it Shaker.



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When I left the fatherland I started spelling in English or else I surely might have typed Pennsilfaanisch Deitsch. Or we could scream back and forth about Georg Händel vs George Handel. I tend to write about people the way they talk about themselves. You could try to crawl into ole Guerney's grave and tell him he was mispronouncing it. I would like to watch

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==>In that case, I'd name it after my dad not a dead Frenchman.

Not sure what point you're trying to make...


As common practice, when identifying my fathers/grandfather's bench as being French(Roubo), Scandinavian, German, etc I'm speaking in terms of taxonomy*.... Woodworkers normally associate certain properties as derived from an ancestral form and associate benches incorporating those properties to a given taxa (Roubo, Shaker, etc)...


My grandfather's bench was clearly derived from Plate 11, but he removed the crochet and installed a leg vise -- similar to Fig 3&4. My dad derived his bench from his father's, but added a tail vise... So now, you've got Plate 11 with both a leg and tail vises --- strikingly similar to Benchcrafted's non-split-top-Roubo... 


My first bench was derived from my father's, but I substituted a Veritas Twin-screw vise... Which was a mistake...


My current bench is an implementation of Benchcrafted's Split-top Roubo...


Hence I call my bench Roubo, recognizing it's ancestry...



*derived from shared descent from common ancestors

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