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Hey there everyone! just saying hello from Los Angeles.  I'm interested in all types of woodworking from furniture, to carpentry, construction. Some I do for myself and some for income. I hope to be helpful where I can and learn from some of the fine craftsman I've seen on here while browsing around!

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9 minutes ago, Brendon_t said:

Welcome to the forum. You enjoying our winter?  Ate you in LA proper?

Nooooo! I love Winter and spend most of my year dreaming of Snowboarding. So these almost 90 degree days are killing me!!! And what happened to this Monstrous El Nino??? We've had what..... 4 days of rain?   hahahaha  I'm in the Valley. You?

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1 minute ago, TIODS said:

Welcome to the forums..  I'm currently in town (Carson) working..  Will be heading for snowy mountains of home soon tho!

Thanks! Lucky You! 

2 minutes ago, Brendon_t said:

Yeah it was 88 downtown today. I'm your neighbor.  Over the hill in Simi.

Ahhh yes. I get out to Simi on occasion.  I know many in the country would think I'm crazy for complaining that it's beach weather in Feb. But seriously.... A little winter isn't a bad thing!

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Yep, out of garage at home.  I owned a Motorcycle shop in the past, so I have a lot of metal working tools, but also very much into woodworking, or really building and fab of any kind. So it's nice to be able to build almost anything I want out of my shop. My biggest problem these days is space. I'm planning an addition to the garage and the house. Just haven't gotten to it.  I'm an Audio Engineer and design and build studios and facilities for a living so I end up building furniture and custom solutions for them all of the time, since it's a small industry in many cases an off the shelf solution doesn't exist.  Lately I've been doing a lot for our house and friends.   What about you?

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