Ryan Grondin

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10 hours ago, Pug said:

I count 11 from his picture.  There is one corded, and 10 cordless - though some of his cordless ones will likely be impact guns.

The one everyone thinks is corder is a heatgun. I have alot more drills than this these are just the Dewalt ones lol... I dont have it in me to throw away tools unless they stop working. My first drill kit when I was 17 was a dewalt... and I never switched. So that is alot of years of upgrades and new models. I usually only use a few at a time with different bits etc. But it's nice to have a few more, I have a group of guys that come over once a month to use my shop and brag about projects. It comes in handy to have the extra tools.


9 hours ago, C Shaffer said:

They come paired with so many things. I would not put it past several battery models and duplicates due to paired kits. 

That is exactly the case..

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