Veritas 32 cabinetmaking system or Rockler Pro Shelf Drilling Jig

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Seems a tad bit elaborate. I have the kreg jig and like it ok. I used it for an entire kitchens worth of cabinets. The holes always seemed to get some tear out in oak ply but i was never careful. In solid wood or birch/Marple ply the performance is better this is to be expected from all drill bit based systems. The systems that use a router are probably much better. For router use i'd do a shop made jig. Cabinets are usually 2 sizes 12" and 24" make 2 jigs from ply using a 1/2" guide bushing and a 1/4" spiral bit.

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Except for tall bookcases I always make bookcases with adjustable shelves. Tall cases get at least 1 fixed shelf. All fixed shelves can be a nightmare to finish ! 

Yes, they  rarely get moved but most clients do some switching around to accommodate tall books and vases etc. Back when more people read I would make some riser boxes about 1/4" taller and deeper than a paperback. They let people put 2 rows of paperbacks on a shelf and the space would be similar to hardbacks.

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On 1/8/2018 at 11:01 PM, wdwerker said:

I have used "The True Position  " hardware guide for over 25 years. I added the extension bars a year or so ago. Versital and accurate . It's even easy to drill for adjustable shelves inside an existing cabinet. Doing custom cabinets for a living means my jig gets used way more than most people ever use one. 

Thanks Steve-- I wasn't familiar with the True position.  Its a little more than I wanted to spend and perhaps more than I need --but it looks like one of the more accurate systems-- I can see why its lasted 25 years.

13 hours ago, Tom King said:

Of all the adjustable shelves that have ever been built, I wonder what the percentage is that ever get adjusted after the first time.   I don't think I've ever known of anyone to move the shelves later.  In our house, I'm sure they haven't.

well there is that...

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One trick with the jig. Use one of the drill bushing sections sa a spacer with a drill bit through it in the center hole when you are setting it up to drill for adjustable shelves.  The bushing sections are 32mm wide but the center of the "Tee" is about 25mm wide. Also be aware that using the stop on a bit when you drill that center hole will be a little bit deeper. I was drilling deep holes in 5/8 ply instead of 3/4 and drilled through.

I've got mine stored in a foam lined plastic pistol case like this.

Being able to drill an existing cabinet with fixed shelves for an additional adjustable shelf is handy. One sheet of ply and the jig made me more money than I paid for the jig. I added extra shelves to a lady's kitchen and she was thrilled to have more space.

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