Kinex Squares


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I didn't have to zoom but I did have to squint ... and that's one of the accepted spellings of lying.

Like you, I think Woodpecker's makes a very good product but thinks themselves too precious in their "limited time/quantity" offers and pricing.  Thanks for suggesting a good alternative.

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1 hour ago, Mark J said:

Have you confirmed the accuracy of the squares?  I like the thicker blade, too.

Yeah but my tolerances are probably a lot less than what they claim so i can't verify that. I did the line test and i also held it against a square that has been working for me and both tests passed.

Big determining factor is all the joinery that I've cut since i bought them has been true.

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8 hours ago, jayshahu said:

If anyone wants to avoid taxes you can buy it on flea bay as well.

Look up the buyer and he has a tons of other tools as well. Prices are also better on fleabay vs amazon.






I've bought several things (PEC squares and rulers) from that seller, with good results. He's one of the only options for some of this stuff from Canada, and was pretty good about combining shipping (although it was still pricey). 

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I have a shipping address in the US. I order a bunch of stuff and when I have enough I make a run down to the states for a day and the gas money plus hotel cost is covered by the saving on the import duty, customs and shipping. 

I know it s not an option for everyone but people living within a 100 km of the US border should give it a real thought. 

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35 minutes ago, drzaius said:

This pisses me off. The Kinex squares are available on both and; in both cases by Kinex. But in Canada they are over 2x the cost, with exchange figured in.

I'll just go with Starrett.

That sucks... I feel for you guys up there. Makes me want to offer to buy it and see if i can like meet you at the boarder and Huck it across for you drug cartel style. It baffles me why it's cheaper for me to buy something form Japan or China and have it shipped across all that distance than it costs for you guys to buy something and have it shipped a few hundred km.

Sorry that my findings caused you anger.

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