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My floor-standing drill press has a few years on it. Works fine. Just lacking one thing: A gear to raise/lower the table. This one just clamps in place. (Maybe that's why it sold for just $50 at an estate sale.)

Has anyone ever updated a drill press in this manner?

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No, and unless you're a machinist or a fabricator I doubt modifying the existing table arm bracket to accept the work gear, rack and handle is possible. Depending on the column size you should be able to order parts from someone like Grizzly, keeping in mind most drill press columns are sized metric, to get what you need. Any idea what brand and size the DP is?

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This model never had a gear mechanism.

From what I can gather, many did not have one. What is standard today was apparently an option or high-end feature in earlier years.

Probably best abandoned in favor of upgrading later, if necessary.

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Gee Dub's contraption might be doable (without actually having to first clone Gee Dub).  It looks like it would be very effective.

But an upgrade sure would be easier.  And consider that you might get some other features like 6 inches of quill travel and easier belt changes.  

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2 or 300 years ago i had a craftsman drill press with just the clamp.  Sears sold a gear mechanism update for it.  Simply clamp the gear to the post.  Cant remember how the crank handle attached.  It actually worked great and was easy to attach.  Point is there may be information and parts available.  Possibly craigs list or the other usual suspects.

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