Drill Press Accessory Cabinet


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43 minutes ago, Chet said:

gee-dub, the foam that you have your foster bits resting in is that the stuff from Fastcap (Kaizen)?

No.  Just some black closed cell foam that came as packing materials around something at work once upon a time.  Kaizen would certainly work.  I just cut it to size and glued parts together with some DAP Rapidfuse that was getting old.  I had to either use it up or toss it ;-)

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On 3/14/2021 at 12:32 PM, gee-dub said:

Things look more 'done' with pulls and catches.


I used magnets and washers recessed but, a bit proud to leave and even reveal.



I bought two lid stays but, one is more than adequate.


I still need to make the inserts but, other duties call today.



In your second pic, the ratio is not 50/50 tongue and groove but precisely 4 layers of ply for the tongue. What is your formula and reasoning? 

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11 minutes ago, Coop said:

In your second pic, the ratio is not 50/50 tongue and groove but precisely 4 layers of ply for the tongue. What is your formula and reasoning? 

My formula was a 1/4" tongue.  The offset in the adjacent piece is dictated by the thickness of the material.  My reasoning was laziness :).  By using a known dimension on undersized ply I could do all the joinery with 2 bits.  A 1/4" for grooves (including the door panels) and a large straight bit and a sac-fence for the rabbets (including the rear rabbet to accept 1/2" BB ply backs).

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  • 2 months later...

6" lazy susan.  I can spend unusual amounts of time on shop fixtures.  The reel happens to be a Fast Cap offering that I was an early adopter on.  Even at the current price I would buy this as opposed to make it right now.  I'm just a little busy lately ;-)

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  • 3 months later...

The DP Wall Cab has gotten installed in the new shop so I thought I would post a recap. The hydraulic lift helped get it in place.
The adjustable shelves allow for changes in tooling (or of mind).

The door holds frequently used items and opens toward the DP operator position. The lower door makes a platform to hold items while working. It is also handy for the Drill Doctor. The plastic shoe boxes inside hold the Drill Doctor when not in use along with other bulky items.

The shelves inside hold other drilling paraphernalia.
There is room behind to hold extra shelf parts for future use.
That's about it.

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