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On 9/17/2022 at 11:35 AM, difalkner said:

I love how Cherry gets darker with age/light but when I work with Cherry I take precautions against what you've experienced so that the project has fairly equal pieces when it's finished.

I totally agree!  When I am working on my finished parts I usually throw a piece of butcher paper over them and so far that has prevented them from getting darker. These parts still have a few final passes through the planner so I was not too worried about them at this point. 

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I tend to work pretty quickly (for me that is) with cherry.  Initial material selection can be tricky on cherry since, like walnut and others, it comes in such a wide spectrum of colors and figures.  I do a lot of the joinery prior to final surface prep.  Keeping things moving seems to keep the material in sync color-wise.

Just as an aging example, these two boxes I made for mom's photographs were made a year apart.


They are much closer in color now that a few years have gone by.  This is clear shellac as the only finish.

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