Which Jobsite Table saw.


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I Dont need a full table saw atm and i dont have room for it. I mainly do trim work and cut anything to large with my track saw. but i found i still need a damn table saw.

Im leaning to a DWE7491RS, but i dont need the stand. Do they make the same saw with out the stand?

Any ideas on what i should buy vs not buy. 

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I'm sure DeWalt makes a non stand model. Most can be taken off the stands but Ive liked the portability as I was operating out of a garage and parked our cars inside.  Personally I have used a Ridgid jobsite table saw since 2010 and that thing has been a great saw.  Fence is outstanding and stays where you put it.  I do use a thin Kerf blade.  I now have the space for a cabinet saw and take receipt of my new SawStop here shortly. 

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I would say the top choices are Dewalt, Bosch and Sawstop.

I'd seriously think about a base of some sort.   I had the Dewalt DWE7480, and had their scissor base.   It was ok, but kind of a pain to put the bolts in... and even then I had to prop a couple 50lb bags of sand up against it to keep it from moving.

So having the easily portable base that the DWE7491RS has, or the bases that Bosch and Sawstop sell with their saws isn't an undesirable feature.

Unless you don't plan to be mobile, in which case I'd recommend building a cabinet around the saw.   Plenty of youtube videos showing this... gives you some outfeed support, but most importantly it's something you can bolt the saw down to.

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I've had the 7491RS for about six months, and I'm very happy with it.  It was easy setup, only required minor tweaking out of the box.  It's very solid and has plenty of power for cutting hardwoods up to 2 - 2-1/2" thick.  I check the setup periodically, and haven't had to adjust much - but I also don't move it around a lot, other than rolling from one spot to another in my shop area.  Dust collection is pretty good.  The miter gauge is crappy.  I find the rolling stand very convenient.  I have a small shop area, and all my tools are mobile.  When it's set up, the stand is really solid - I haven't had any issues at all with it trying to move on me.

I don't think DeWalt sells this saw without the stand, at least not in the States (when I was shopping for mine, I think I came across someone in the UK who sold the saw and stand separately).  They have a couple of other jobsite saws that they do sell without a stand - the DWE745, which someone mentioned in an earlier post, and the DWE7480.  Both of these seem to get good reviews.  The 7480 is pretty close to the 7491RS - it has a little narrower rip capacity (24" vs. 32-1/2") and the 7491RS can accommodate a dado stack (does not come with the saw).

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10 hours ago, bleedinblue said:

I had the Dewalt (745 maybe, like Nut said?)  I actually thought it excellent.  Good dust collection, great fence that stayed parallel via rack and pinion, riving knife.  I've told my wife before that if/when I install laminate or wood floors again, I'm going to buy another.  

I agree with all of this i thought the fence on it was pretty good actually. I loved the gear action on it and it always stayed perfectly parallel. My only complaint with it was the noise. The universal motor was loud but the saw ran smoothly. Too bad you didn't live closer i'd just borrow you mine. I decided it was worth keeping.

Rip capacity is the last thing i'd worry about with this saw. If you need to rip over 20" get a track saw or figure out a circular saw solution. These little saws are not stable enough for ripping large wide material, i'm sure the stands make that some what better but that sound sliek back breaking work compared to cutting large sheets on the ground or work surface.

If you need more room the fence pops off quickly and easily. I did this a lot to make cross cuts for construction type work.

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Unless you need to regularly pack up the saw & move it to a project site, I just don't think a jobsite saw is a good choice. There are way too many things you give up with them. Even if you fold it up & store it on its side it still takes up just about the same space as a cabinet saw, or even a contractor saw.

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