old drill press column rack

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I have an old drill press.  Target Machinery Industry Co. LTD.  Model TT-16. mfg 1987.  Made in Taiwan.

The column gear rack is bent and I want to try to replace it.  ereplacement can't find anything on that model so I thought I might be able to find an equivalent part based on the actual dimensions of the rack.  This rack is .66" wide, .34" deep and 34 1/4" long.  does anyone have any ideas?

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1 hour ago, Tom King said:

Is the full length ever needed?  If not, cut it down, and use part of it.

Even though I can't imagine ever needing to lower the base down to the bottom, it is designed such that i need the full length.  the bottom of the rack sits in groove at the base of the press and the top of the rack sits in a similar groove at the top.  The base is able to rotate around the column as the two ends slide in the grooves.  up to this point in my short woodworking life I haven't found out why I would need to rotate the base but that is a different question altogether.


the attached is not mine but is the exact same drill press.



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That's a pretty common arrangement for a drill press, so I wonder if the part from some other drill press would fit?

Also, would your table slide up and down and still lock in place if you simply remove the bent gear rack?

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The only thing the rack is for is to facilitate controlled raising & lowering the table. I've never seen one that doesn't lock directly to the column. I can't see an issue with taking a torch to the bend & straightening it. Tempering wouldn't even matter if it's low on the column

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My rack is about the same size except for length.  Mine is held by being loosely wedged into a collar at the top and bottom.  This allows it to swing with the table. If your lower collar is movable up and down the post like mine is, you could cut off the offending section, grind a bevel on it and slide the collar up to the new length.  Just an idea.

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