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Tom King

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Pulled a line under the bottoms of the trim boards under the hinges, and cut the other vertical pieces to length measuring to the line.  Once those were in place, the bottom boards were marked to be cut to length.  All ends were painted before being installed.


Wedges held the bottom trim boards to meet the vertical boards correctly.



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The doors were close enough to being square that 45 degree angles worked fine.  The end of the diagonal was cut, a screw put in the right place at the top to hold the other end while I marked it.  I cut a short angled end piece to set the holding screw by.


The other end marked, and cut to fit.



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A very fancy pump jack scaffolding system.  I have to redo the whole gable end above the doors. 

I have a 20" wide 32' long walk board I'm going to use here, if I can move it by myself.  It weighs 176 pounds but I have it hanging low on a wall so I can take down one end at the time, and move it with the tractor.  That one is about like standing on a sidewalk.  

The best thing about such a pump jack system is that you can always work at a comfortable height right in front of you, and no scaffolding legs between you and the wall to have to work around.

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Finished the framing this morning.  The ones sitting on top of the Oak verticals ended up being too tall down to where the soffit will fit.  I'm just going to use a straightedge to mark them, and cut them with a jigsaw.  I cut them all to length by a line.  You can see the few thick ones.



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Is the steel in picture 1 just not finished. Picture 2 doesn't show the uneven edge that picture 1 does.

I know nothing about how standing seam roofing works. Some day i hope to have it installed on our house as I think it looks nice and I like the fact that you can easily attach solar panels to it without drilling through the roofing material.

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I did a How-To thread here several years ago of the way I do it.  I'll see if I can find it.  

First picture in this  thread shows it installed with no work at all on the lower edge.  First picture today shows the standing seams cut to final length, but no folding on the edge yet.

Second picture today shows the finished edge.  I didn't take pictures of every step, because I've already done that here before.

edited to add:  found it.   I hadn't done one since this one in May 2018.  Leftover pieces were from this job, or rather the one on the main house that this boathouse goes with.  All the tools were patiently waiting in their waterproof toolboxes for the next job.  I didn't have to look for anything.



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I made a mistake by not getting all my materials here before my Mom moved back.  They let her go on short notice, and this was not on my mind.  Now, I'm back to not being able to be more than a couple of hundred yards from the house.  I'm not sure when I'll get a chance to run to Home Depot.  We had a good ten week break, and I thought it would be a bit longer.  I hate that this will have to sit like this for who knows how long, but that's just the way it goes.

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