Leaked Mineral Spirits Overnight, How to Kill the Smell?


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On 6/30/2023 at 6:34 AM, Mark J said:

Good to hear.  Even as I made the suggestion I wasn't entirely sure a heat gun was a "good" idea.

Right you are.  I should have mentioned that it had been gassing off for about 4 days with fans on it before I tried the heat gun.

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I love the smell of mineral spirits in the morning.....it smells like victory! No I spilled some turpentine on my shop floor, I wiped up what I could it stunk real bad for several days. But over time it didn't stink as much I left the shop open while I was working out there. Good luck 

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On 7/1/2023 at 6:26 AM, Mark J said:

@gee-dub , I'm curious if there is any lingering discoloration of the concrete? 

At first it looked like a wet spot on any old concrete.  The location where the drip, drip, drip was occurring from about 5 feet up is whitish. The surrounding area is getting lighter and lighter as I keep a fan on it all day (off at night because I'm a safety freak).  I can still see it clearly but it is much lighter than yesterday.  I do not know that it will ever go away completely but, I have various drips and stains on the slab.  The shop floor is not a total mess but it is certainly not pristine. :rolleyes:

*** UPDATE ***  It has been typical SoCal-Sunny the last couple of days.  With the doors open and the fans going I have reached this point at the end of today. 


Almost can't see it.  The particleboard and melamine cabinet still stinks but I am hoping another couple of days with the fans will calm that down.  If I can salvage it I will have to re-attach the edge trim and shelf surface coverings that failed.  If I can't salvage it I will just have to make something to take its place.

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I would suspect with a slow drip the solvent was evaporating away as well as soaking in so you probably only got a fraction of the spill soaked into the concrete. You said the shelf veneers are damaged, may have to dry the shelf core material well before anything gets reapplied to it.

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Heat and airflow are really the best (perhaps only) solution.  A space heater with a fan blowing on the area of the spill and additional fans to move air through the space.  Not a nice problem!  Sorry for your luck, mate!  At least it's summer.  Same thing in the winter would be twice the problem!

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