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35 minutes ago, K Cooper said:

I could just kick you for not showing this earlier;)! You could have really made some money on these had you gone to someone like Rockler. Thank you for sharing this. 

It's just so easy to make who would buy it?  But I guess I say that about 90% of the Rockler exclusive stuff.  Then I'd have all my Youtube former friends making knock off videos...

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8 hours ago, wdwerker said:

Definitly a very useful idea !

So what is your " other channel" ? I want to see what that thing in the clamps turned out to be !

It's not done yet.  I posted that video the day I was doing it and I spent most of today trying to fit the template which turned out to be a real PITA.  Next up is kerfing the actual bottom.  Then I think I'm going to go for broke and not dry fit it.  The grain is going the wrong way so it's brittle and the more you mess with it the more likely it's going to break.  I know the template fits and I know the bottom is exactly the same size as the template.  So the only thing I'm going to learn in a dry fit is whether it breaks or not.  I have a strong feeling it's going to go in fine and then break when I try to take it off to get the glue in because of the way it has to be flexed to get it started.  So I think I'm just going straight to epoxy tonight and hoping for the best. 

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