How to keep the plastic bag from being sucked up into the dust collector?

Gary F

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For my dust collection system I'm trying to set up, I have a cyclone lid on a 55 gallon drum to separate the larger particles from the smaller (which would go to the actual dust collector).  The output port then leads to the dust collector itself.  I put a plastic bag in the 55 gallon drum to facilitate emptying it, but the problem is that when I turn on the dust collector, it sucks the bag into the output port.

Does anyone have a simple solution to prevent the plastic bag from being sucked up into the dust collector itself?  I guess I could put rocks into the bag, but that doesn't seem wise.  :)

Any help would be appreciated.

Gary F.

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1 hour ago, pkinneb said:

Oneida used to sell a suction device for the bottom of the barrel to solve this I have used mine for over a decade with no issues. I dont see it on their website but they have these 

That does look like a neat deal, as long as it fits down inside the drum you have. 

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I saw a video once I can't remember where, the guy on the video used welded wire fencing an made it fit the diameter of the barrel he folded all the loose tines to the inside of the barrel. He would put the plastic bag inside the barrel then the welded wire hoop than the lid, when the barrel was full he would lift the wire cage out of the bag than dispose of the bag, He just made sure there was no sharp wires that would poke hole in the bag.

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There are several sheet metal places around here.  I'm going to try my hand a creating a sleeve that will fit inside the bag, like what Oneida has on their website.  That should be less expensive than the $$$ they charge for retail.

I'll try to remember to post my solution and success/failure when I'm done.

Thanks all for your comments and suggestions.


Gary F.

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Dealing with a runaway plastic bag in your dust collection system can be quite a hassle. Instead of rocks (you're right, not the best idea), consider using something less dense that won't damage your equipment. How about trying some lightweight foam or sponge pieces? They should be enough to keep the bag from getting sucked in without causing any harm. Give it a shot and see if it solves the issue. 

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