HF US General 30" Tech Cart

Mark J

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13 hours ago, Tom King said:

and probably not much more than the cost of the drawer slides

I think you're absolutely right.  On sale this was about $160.  

As to the drawer locks the simplest fix is just not to close them all the way.  The lid still shuts, but the lock doesn't engage.

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I liked it so much (and filled the drawers so quickly) I decided to buy another one.  


This is the 5 drawer model.  It's a little taller and deeper, but the drawers are an inch narrower.  

Quality is still good, but a notch down from the red one.  There were a couple of minor imperfections in the paint and the pieces needed a little encouragement to line up, but not bad.  These drawers have mechanical latches rather than detents in the slide mechanism like the red one, and the latches are not quite aligned.  Nothing a little filling couldn't fix, but I'd rather not have the latches in the first place. 

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Or we could make it from wood. But not for an auto mechanic. For woodworkers our hands don't get greasy and the varnished finish will not be soiled by our sawdusted hands. 

Recently at my mechanic I was eyeing his big tool cabinets. I was thinking of offering to build him one then thought better of it. His tools are in steel cabinets and steel drawers that can be cleaned with almost any solvent and not be harmed. Varnished wood would be blackened form greasy hands.

The HF drawers are well made and great value for the money. Probably last a long time. Because of good prices at HF the savings by doing it yourself may equate to 50 cents an hour. Or maybe we cant make it out of wood...



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When shopping for tool cabinets, it's worth looking at what Home Depot sells too.  Here is the one I bought on Black Friday.  Their Husky boxes are much more substantial than the ones sold at Lowes.  It has the perfect parking spot for the bad ass magnetic drill press.  We're enjoying the wooden top on it too.  I forget what I paid for it, but it was a couple of hundred less than the regular price.  They only put a few on really good sale on Black Friday's.





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The Harbor Freight US General stuff is really pretty nice.   I like that they have a lot of options.   I'd call them one of the few gems at HF.

Since I already had it... I have an older Craftsman box set... top and bottom chest, and recently bought a middle chest at Menards.   My OCD was immediately activated because the new Craftsman boxes are a different shade of red. :-)   My older Craftsman boxes use friction slides, the new middle chest has ball bearing slides.   Anyway, I have this in my woodshop and store chisels, drill bits, screwdrivers, wrenchs and such.

I also have a Husky mobile workbench out in the garage.   It's smaller than what Tom linked.   Home Depot is a bit weird as they have all sorts of different boxes and they vary greatly in quality and aren't consistent from one year to the next.   But they seem pretty good, better than the Craftsman stuff.

Menards has started carrying Craftsman boxes, and they're kind of their middle lineup.   They also have a Masterforce lineup which is similar to the US General and pretty decent.


And then I have my dad's tool cart.   A Craftsman box from 1958.   That sucker is made from like 14 gauge steel, it's ridiculously heavy built.   I'm wanting to clean it up, maybe do some restoration on it.   The wheels need to be checked, I think they might be rotted out.

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