Sapele Music Cabinet


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yes, by rocking side to side on your legs, you can keep the upper body locked in position holding the blade. I just skew the blade on each stroke so that I'm always grinding the same direction down the bevel. I think it is a technique I picked up from a Chris Schwarz video.

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Chopping mortices is one of the noisier woodworking tasks I do. I live in a townhouse and I fear that the sound of bashing with the mallet could disturb the neighbours ... I don't want them thinking that my woodwork is constantly noisy, better if it's just a rare day ... and if they've gone out skiing for the day ... it's a good opportunity to get as much noisy stuff done as possible.

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Nice summary of your experience, @h3nry

Are you generally able to source lumber that is close to the 'straight, square blocks' that you form into elegant furniture components?  Even using more electric than muscle power, I find that milling raw lumber into suitable chucks to begin with is inordinately time consuming. But it seems to be the only way I can get nice material around here.

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