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Tom Crawford

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Try out a regular PC mouse on the Mac to see if the scroll wheel works. Of course you will not have any gesture control (pinching etc) with such an input device.

I have a Macbook and only ever use its trackpad even with Sketchup. I have many pcs too and use the scroll wheel as you have suggested on Sketchup.

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I've tried to use the Mac mice, and watched numerous people struggle with SketchUp trying to use them. When I teach SketchUp, the first lesson people on Macs get is to buy a 3-button scroll wheel mouse. It doesn't need to be fancy (bells and whistles can create more problems), you can get a nice one almost anywhere for around $20.

The mouse is the key to working efficiently in SketchUp. The scroll wheel is the easiest way to zoom and orbit, something you need to do with almost everything you do. Right-clcking (foreign to a lot of Mac users) brings up context menus that contain options that are otherwise tedious to get to.  

I could go on and on, and in fact I already have. Here is a blog post about navigating with the mouse and here is one about the different types of clicks.

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On December 6, 2015 at 0:35 PM, Chet K. said:

I have a Logitech that I use with my Mac that I am pretty happy with.  It's wireless, it has a dongle that you slide into one of your USB ports.  I think the model # is M310.  I got it at Office Depot for around $20.

I have this same mouse and really like it.

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