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This is a review of the Oneida Dust Deputy. I have yet to hear anything bad about this product, and that is the reason for me posting this. This unit is not working well for me at all. There is much more dust going into my vac than there is into the bucket below the dust deputy. Has anyone else  had any issues with the dust deputy? Below are pictures of the amount of dust going into my vac. There is about 4" of dust in the vac and not much at all in the bucket under the dust deputy. I will take a picture of the amount of dust in the bucket later.


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Is your bucket air tight? Seems like a silly question to ask but that's the only thing i can think of. Also when i hooked up the vac backwards to my cyclone separator it didn't work so hot but yours is set up right :unsure:. Putting 2 ports in the lid of a pail would work better than this.

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Wow, I have never had that much by-pass unless I let the 1st bucket get full. I typically go for 2 or 3 months before clearing out the shop vac which only has a fine layer on the filter and in the container. 

My first thought was same as Chestnut about a back draft if the bucket is leaking. I had that issue on my big dust collector if I did not snap the lid on properly. But it looks like yours should seal properly with that clasping ring. 

I don't know if there is a possible issue of a shop vac being too powerful? I have used my Dust Deputy with the large Ridgid Shop Vac and had great performance. I am not sure what the problem would be. 

The only problem I had after several year of use was the top popped off the Dust Deputy. I just glued it back on and added some duct tape to be sure it stayed on.  

I was surprised the top did not pop off sooner, it just looks like the weak point on them. I did not know they sold a steel model with drum or I would have bought it instead. 

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I have a lesser amount than you but it is not as efficient as others seem to be. I still have to empty the shop vac bag every month or so. I think it works, just not as well as I've seen other people's work online. And I have a gasket on the can plus silicone sealing the dust deputy to the lid.

However, the Super Dust Deputy with my dust collector is gold. almost nothing hits the collector bag.

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Yeah air leak or shop vac being too powerful were my only thoughts. I put silicone around the base when I mounted it on the bucket and then applied silicone around it after I bolted it. I even used grain bin bolts with rubber washers to prevent air leak around the bolts. I am going to see if I put weather stripping around the bucket if that helps, but it is the snap lock type metal bucket so it is pretty tight already.

I just got an email back from Oneida. Their response below.

Thank you for choosing Oneida Air Systems for your dust collecting needs.  When the cyclone does not separate the dust before it reaches the vacuum is a sign of an air leak.  Make sure you have an air tight seal where the cyclone is connected to your bucket.  Do you have a gasket/seal at the bottom of your cyclone where it is connected to the bucket?  If you do not we recommend using one or silicone to seal any potential air leaks.  Once you have everything air tight you should no longer have that problem.  Let us know if you have any other questions. 

The next thing to check would be to make sure the hoses you are using do not have any cracks in them.  If the system is air tight you should not be having this problem.  What size wet/dry vacuum are you using?  The only other thing I can think of is maybe your vacuum is too strong and pulling the dust right through the cyclone and not giving it a chance to separate the dust. 

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I have the exact same setup (Except a Craftsman Shop Vac) and I will fill 50-60 buckets worth before I even get close to filling the bag on my shop vac.  Did you use any sealant (caulk, construction adhesive, epoxy) in between the cyclone and the bucket lid? I used construction adhesives in between both the wood sub base and the bucket lid and the cyclone and bucket lid.  I haven't had any issues with that setup. 

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Well, I thin enough folks have responded with a "what the heck!?!" sort of reaction for you to get the idea that something is definitely not right with that setup.  For the life of me I am trying to figure out how that much stiff gets through. As to smoke sticks, I use some stick incense that I picked up at the dollar store.  A stick lasted long enough to troubleshoot my main DC install so you certainly don't need a lot to get through the process.

I wanted to wait until Version 2 was built but for the sake of helping out and giving you a comparison I will cast my sense of embarrassment aside and show you my "temporary" setup.  In order to hang on to some scrap of dignity, I will say that this was one of those prototypes that worked and for whatever reason has remained in service even though the plans for Version 2 are in hand . . . There now, I feel absolved and can get on with it . . .

I'll try to explain what's going on here as this is a hack-job mock-up in order to see if the method were viable.  I am not suggesting you make one but, the components are the same regardless of configuration and maybe this will point to the failing area on your rig.

The unit consists functionally of a box which hold the intake port, the filter chamber and the exhaust chamber where the vac motor resides.  The particle board piece with the hole cut for the bucket retention and the rattle-can tops acting as wand holders is of no consequence.

DD after use (1).jpg

With the vac and filter chamber cover removed.

DD after use (2).jpg

The gaskets are just silicone rubber beads with waxed paper laid over it and the mating surfaces pressed into place until cured.  You can use whatever sealing method appeals to you.  The intake hose can be seen as the very-back black vertical thing along the top.  The front two are the aforementioned rattle-can tops holding the wand sections for storage.

On its side with the filter chamber lid off.

DD after use (3).jpg

With the filter removed you can see a bit of curlies from a hand plane.  These do not separate well and often end up in the filter chamber if I accidentally suck them up.

DD after use (4).jpg

The balance of the material in this area (a smattering of fine dust) would be analogous to the large quantity of spoil you show in your vac's barrel.  This is after many months of use and emptying the 5 gallon bucket maybe a dozen times.

The filter is not sparkling clean but, is still very usable with good airflow.  I literally clean the filter once or twice a year.

DD after use (5).jpg

If you can find the failing elements in your air path I am sure you can get a similar result.  Results of this kind probably explain why bunches of us respond with confusion when folks post that their DD is giving poor performance.

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same set-up as yours, except craftsman vac and 30 gallon trash can instead of a bucket, same problem also. it was the seal on the trash can and the seal on the vac was clogged with wood shavings. self stick weatherstrip on the trash can and cleaned the seal on the vac, working great ever since

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I have a large one on my big DC system and it works awesome. I have a clear bag and HEPA filter after it and there was almost zero in the bag until the bottom bin filled up. Then I suddenly saw tons in it. But it filled up a 50 gallon drum with about a tablespoon of dust passing it before that.

However, I bought a 5 gallon bucket shop vac and a Woodstock 2 stage cyclone separator hoping to use it on my CNC and it has been a total failure. The filter in the vacuum clogs up almost immediately from all the dust that should have stopped in the first stage.

I'll have to play with the smoke test and see if there is a leak but I expected a little better than this.





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