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Steve B Anderson

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9 minutes ago, C Shaffer said:

And every report I have made has indicated that not enough data could be found to follow through. 

That's odd - I made 2 full reports and both companies were shut down within 30 days. Haven't heard from either in 2 years now.

In case anyone wants to report phone spam, they can do so here - Report Telemarketing and Robo Calls

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On 1/13/2018 at 1:22 PM, Chet said:

The DNC registry is a joke.  If the places that I have asked  to be removed  from their list, got fined 20k every time they still called me... WOW $$$$$$$   Just think of the money they have to scam to pay that bill. :o

The FTC publicly admitted sometime last year that they do not have the funding, nor the manpower, to fully and properly enforce the DNC laws. Ever since that announcement, the frequency and number of spam calls I and my friends/family have received has gone up significantly.

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As to the OP, @Steve B Anderson, I think it's awesome you want to do this. This echoes some of the advice already given but things like Facebook and Instagram will get you in front of local faces a lot faster/better than a website will. Not saying having a website is useless, but given that you aren't looking to sell online, that part can come much later, if need be. You might also check into local arts & crafts fairs, farmers markets, etc. and see if it makes sense to put up a booth at one or more of those events. People like to be hands-on when purchasing stuff like this and that could also give you some great local exposure.

Good luck, sir!

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I would like to thank everyone for the advise. There are more avenues available than I realized. I’m still very new in the woodworking world and I still have about 10 years before I retire. As of now I would like to pursue the custom piece crowd. There are many large ranches in my area and these owners have money. I just have to get into the click somehow.

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I just managed to secure a location to sell some things I am making on consignment here locally. There are no volume requirements (which is awesome), they will just take things as I bring them to sell. Working out the commission split tomorrow with them.

I also need to finish my sled/jig for making wooden combs. I started it a while back and then had to focus on other things at the time. Some friends of mine run an awesome barbershop here and want some wooden combs to sell and they've hit me up as a possible supplier.

Where is this all going in the end? Who knows... at this point, I just want to supplement my household income a bit and be able to upgrade my tools over time without eating into the household budget. I'm excited, though... this could open a new chapter for me.

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11 hours ago, BillyJack said:

Custom is a big word in sales. If your doing it for some profit and fun you'll  do ok. Tryng to make a living your best bet is cabinetry....

I agree.... Its not often, at least around here you can make money doing one piece of furniture.  Hopefully Steve can do better with custom furniture where he is.

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