Hidden latch for rifle display case


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Yes, Isaac, it could definitely be done with a router.  I didn't do that because I would have to make a suitable platform to support the base to plunge on something that narrow along with the necessary guides to control the cut.  The bigger reason is that the only bit I have that is long enough to cut that deep protrudes below the bottom of my router when set to the highest position, so I would have to be very careful in setting this in the correct spot right away or the cut would have been sloppy.

Since I have never cut this way on the CNC it seemed like a good opportunity to give that a whirl.  Turned out I probably spent about the same amount of time setting it up in the CAD/CAM program (Fusion 360) and getting the board stable on the CNC bed as I would building a fixture to do it by hand, so it was a wash time-wise.

Plus, it gave me the opportunity to do another video... ;)


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Thanks!  Yeah, I took a while to complete this because I kept putting it aside for jobs with deadlines but the guy kept saying there was no rush.  When he picked it up last night he was ecstatic over the way it turned out and how the hidden latch worked.  I brought up the length of time and told him I've taken on 50 jobs since starting this case and all of those jobs had deadlines that I met or beat.  But 'no rush' to me means literally that - no rush.  He laughed and said, 'Well, then you hit our deadline, too!'


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