The Hank Chair


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I like that you are trying to add sculpting but maintain some of the lines from the original piece. The only thing that comes to mind is if it doesn't make sense to try an follow a hard strait line just don't do it. I feel lie you have enough sculpting experience to know what's right.

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5 hours ago, Mark J said:

Do you work with the chair on your bench like that?  Or is it just posing?  Seems it would be devilishly difficult to keep it from falling. 

That pic was for posing, but I do lay the chair on the table for shaping.  I place a towel like in this pic, or a blanket on the table while shaping and sanding. Helps keep the piece from moving but more importantly keep the sanded parts smooth. When shaping I'll put stand the chair on the floor, put it on it's side on the table, upside down on the table, hanging off the table, however I can stabilize for shaping. 

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9 hours ago, K Cooper said:

I believe, had this been the original design, I would have built this instead of the low back for my daughter. Great job bud! 

What I always thought was surprising is that Maloof liked his low back chair the most. To me it's down the list a little. I've made a few but I'm not sure I'll use those patterns again.

I think there is still more you can do with the changes I made in this build, but I'm with you in that I do think it's an improvement. 

Thanks for the kind words.

9 hours ago, JohnG said:

I just noticed that you had already said it was comfortable to sit in, my apologies. I saw the last pic and skipped over the text after it.

No worries, 

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