The Hank Chair

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7 hours ago, K Cooper said:

Beautiful job bud! Does the back set back as far as the Maloof Low Back? I’d like to have one of these for my desk chair but prefer a more upright than the low back. 

Yes Coop, it's a deep chair. I think it wouldn't be too hard to move the backrest forward, it would just be changing the location of 2 cuts. The other thing is they are very wide, much wider than the Low Back. That may not be a big problem, but could be if you have a desk with limited leg/knee/foot space. Changing the width is more difficult as you would need to change the pattern. 

If you want any measurements of the final chair just ask, I'll get them for you. 

On 8/28/2019 at 10:17 PM, Chestnut said:


You should submit those to marc through the guild website. I think it might help the project if people see how others modify the plans and make them their own.

Submitted and they are now posted on the guild site.

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Those came out really nice.  I like some of the changes to the design... Now lets get the rocking chair that is in the back ground finished.B)

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