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4 hours ago, Chestnut said:

I'm starting to feel the press of not enough time. The wedding is looming and fall is here. I have a lot of yard work to do beings that leaves have started to fall.

I have already started working on a couple projects. I have a simple bookshelf that has been requested, and i also need to make an arch for the wedding ceremony.



Soon i'll be starting a Conoid copy as well.

Well, OK Chestnut, but what are you gonna do next week?

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11 hours ago, Coop said:

Unless the bookshelf is requested by Megan, then you better get your ass in high gear on the arch for the wedding! :D

It's to trade favors for something wedding related. We're having someone help us and in return I'm building them a simple bookshelf. I need to get it done soon because i need to spray finish on it and I'm running out of warm weather.

The arch is mostly done as it's going to be very simple and easy.

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9 hours ago, Coop said:

Now that IS cool! Great job Nut! Is there a date and your signature anywhere? Steve would want to know! 

Yes it's somewhere. I can't remember where off the top of my head though.

9 hours ago, wtnhighlander said:

Pretty cool, Drew! That will be a fresh memory every time you reach for a dish.

Did I miss something in the build journal for that cabinet? I don't recall mention of the diagonal brace, and what looks like a wedge behind it? Sorry, I'm too lazy to scroll backwards to confirm...

Basically the doors came out warped. So the cross brace and wedge allow me to adjust out there warp. The wedge isn't glued so as moisture levels change if the door misbehaves i can adjust.

One of the doors corrected so i removed the wedge.

For more details go back 1 page towards the bottom.


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